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Inside this week's EW


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Uhhh, that was a lot more disturbing than it was in the books

Harley Keiner will join Johnny Baboon, errr, Cory Matthews on ‘Girl Meets World.’

Awww yeahh. True Blood’s final season is looking epic, people. 

Oh hey, a bunch of people you like got together to do a live reading of Space Jam.

We think he took this down to change it to “LIL BISH”

This is somehow comforting. (Also: Yeah, there’s gonna be a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel. Sigh.)

Paul Wesley steps behind the camera for tonight’s episode of Vampire Diaries. 

Why did you cut a shirtless moment though?!?!?!?

'Magic Mike XXL'  release date is set! 

Carnage in the ‘Venom’ spinoff?

King Smirk Face—so hot with the pirates right now.

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