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Inside this week's EW


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EW’s Mandi Bierly selects The Man in the Moon, in which 14-year-old Reese Witherspoon learns that postcoital bliss and tractors don’t mix. Your Tumblrer would probably vote for Bridge to Terabithia, a kiddie snuff book that’s probably making some 3rd-grader sob at this very moment.

Your turn.


  1. illbehereforawhile reblogged this from entertainmentweekly and added:
    Jacob Have I Loved, maybe. Broke my heart and then filled it with something else. Something that healed it but still...
  2. thegamblestandard reblogged this from entertainmentweekly
  3. saraplayshouse answered: Oh oh! Where the Red Fern Grows. The book. I read it around 9 or 10 and I think my mother was concerned for my sanity for weeks after.
  4. cdm7rn answered: At 5 years old, I had to be carried out of “The Fox and the Hound” I was sobbing so badly.
  5. brigidisthenewblack answered: Off the top of my head? I want to say The Giver, but it’s more like The Velveteen Rabbit.
  6. lexiloo7 answered: Probably Blake Shelton
  7. vegasjellyfish answered: Bambi
  8. clarissadarling answered: The Outsiders. I stayed home sick one day and my dad gave me a stack of books to read. I was crying inside 3 hours.
  9. saraiave answered: Watching ET.
  10. matthewmartinellis answered: a walk to remember… bullying always seems worse when the victim is also dying.
  11. heywowthisiscool answered: Homeward Bound.
  12. apineopines answered: old yeller :(
  13. sassypassy answered: I love you.
  14. manicpixiedream answered: probably titanic
  15. sleepylasercats answered: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Need I say more?
  16. bjewel answered: When Pocahontas says goodbye to John Smith in the Disney animated film. My heart broke and my weird perspective on relationships was made
  17. iknowyour answered: An American Tale (1986) I was 5 years old.
  18. venusfaerie answered: Charlottte’s Web
  19. lessaismore answered: The firs time I read Summer of The Monkeys I bawled. I was 8 I think
  20. whitepuffycloud answered: My Girl. Poor Thomas dies from bees. Bees! Also, The Fox and the Hound. I had to hide my tears so my cousin wouldn’t make fun of me.
  21. whattheblog answered: Sophies Choice, Meryl Streep kills me, her best performance, basically ruined me for life, being forced to choose!!! killed me
  22. parliamoci answered: Gandalf’s death in LOTR. I had snuck the book into class to read it under my desk. I was 9.
  23. rainbowlite answered: When James Evans died on Good Times. Damn damn damn, smashes punchbowl.
  24. princess-spills answered: the lion king
  25. elizabethactual reblogged this from entertainmentweekly and added:
    The response I wrote: “I didn’t cry at fiction much as a kid (now is another story) and, oddly, I think my first movie...
  26. popculturemspaint answered: MY GIRL
  27. elizabethactual answered: I didn’t cry at fiction much as a kid (now is another story) and, oddly, I think my first movie cry was when I saw Fahrenheit 911. Age 14.
  28. redcatgirl22 answered: My girl. I still cry at the funeral scene :/
  29. legen-drumrollplease-dary answered: Bridge to Terabithia!!! i remember leaving the theatre with my sleeves soaked (because of all the crying)
  30. kmdmovingpictures answered: A Walk to Remember
  31. agentfenris answered: Taxi Driver. We all wind up as lone nutjobs with savior complexes stalking the mean streets of NYC. Or is that just me?
  32. mypatronusisabulldog answered: Cedric dying in HP 4. I was ten and it made death real to me in a way nothing had before
  33. lady-amalthea answered: the secret of nimh
  34. ambushcomics answered: When E.T. died… and left Eliott… probably the first time I cried in the movie house.
  35. theaubiam reblogged this from entertainmentweekly and added:
    Yes! Third grade tears!
  36. sugarandspicer answered: I think I’d have to say Little Women. Beth dies & Jo doesn’t end up with Laurie!
  37. mjwestbrook10 answered: E.T. I can remember watching it, sitting on the floor, trying to hide my 4-year-old tears.
  38. cinephilemh answered: From the moment in What’s Eating Grape, when the mother picks up Leo from the sheriff on. I was a blubbering mess for the rest of the movie.
  39. nicotinehymnal answered: Weirdly it’s probably Hook.
  40. calalyn answered: Kramer v Kramer. I was eleven, and it made me cry. I have loved Dustin and Meryl ever since.
  41. fafafab answered: The Empire of The Sun, I think I was way too young to understand, I just remember feeling incredibly depressed and sad

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