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Inside this week's EW


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Mandi Bierly reveals that she’s finally canceled Glee's season pass in favor of Nashville — a show she doesn’t have to fast-forward between musical numbers. Dancing With the Stars is also caput on her DVR, since Annie Barrett’s DWTS coverage is entertainment enough.

Your turn: Which shows have you and your DVR broken up with this season?


  1. the-womanonfire answered: I broke up with Glee last year and this year I said bye bye to Gossip Girl. Both shows are not what they use to be.
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  3. cgetscheeky answered: Grey’s Anatomy and Once Upon a Time
  4. shelbot2000 answered: Bones and Modern Family dumped for the far superior Nashville and Ben & Kate
  5. tvbreakroom answered: 2 Broke Girls. Last season was a slow decent from quirky to crude, and their new 9PM time slot is only making things worse.
  6. armydeckof52 answered: Mine would be Boardwalk Empire. Sick of it
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  8. martinrreyes answered: Grey’s Anatomy. Definitely. Kill off my two favorite people on the show, I “kill” your show from my DVR.
  9. laughatthefat answered: The Mindy Project :( I wanted to love this show but it’s a mess.
  10. jonsknown answered: Revolution
  11. lahone said: Glee
  12. backtothedrawingroom said: Hawaii Five-0 for being one hour long commercial, and 2 Broke Girls for lacking any story to support the constant slew of sexual innuendos that try way too hard.
  13. notexactly answered: Nashville, Beauty and the Beast and World Without End (for petty reasons) so far.
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  15. hangingonyourwords answered: Same, I swapped Glee for Nashville.
  16. misterjt answered: Criminal Minds. It’s Always Sunny might be there soon, too.
  17. collectcollectively answered: Dexter. Nothing new is happening, and compared to the HOLY CRAP I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT JUST HAPPENED moments on Homeland, it’s boring.
  18. scatty-saurusrex answered: vampire Diaries
  19. mayapapayanesha said: It was glee. And I picked up Nashville too!
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  21. aquablueprincess said: A) id rather have people who love glee watching it anyway.i’m tired of people watching then proceed to bash it. B) I might break up with alphas. Not to say I don’t like it anymore, i.do, it’s just hard to keep up with the show, even on dvr.
  22. jellybabies2manual answered: So far only Glee. It’s iffy if I’ll keep Criminal Minds. Haven’t watched any of my recordings, yet.
  23. superblyhenkoff answered: Go On is gone. Just couldn’t beat New Girl and Happy Endings.
  24. inbetween answered: she just canceled Glee now? i stopped watching half-way through the second season.
  25. gingermaggie answered: glee. the big bang theory. how i met your mother. dexter.
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