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Inside this week's EW


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This new Water for Elephants trailer seems like it might be aimed more at the Twilight set—it focuses on the love triangle that develops between Robert Pattinson (a veterinary student in charge of caring for a traveling circus’ animals), Reese Witherspoon (the beautiful performer he falls for), and Christoph Waltz (Witherspoon’s husband, the troupe’s animal trainer). It also suffers from a severe Hal Holbrook deficiency.

What do you guys think?


  1. thebadwlf reblogged this from phillipgallagher and added:
    damn this looks good. and so does he. damn
  2. joslynnyc answered: Needs more elephant.
  3. neverlandnights reblogged this from jpierrepontcriss
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  5. silverrarrow reblogged this from phillipgallagher and added:
    This looks amazing!
  6. yeravesselsammy reblogged this from jpierrepontcriss
  7. youplayedittothebeat answered: Robert Pattinson actually looks acceptable in this…Surprisingly enough.
  8. masqueradedust reblogged this from phillipgallagher and added:
    CHRISTOPH!!! RPATTZ!!! REESE!!!!! this looks fucking awesome!!!
  9. joshhutchersonscakeballs reblogged this from jpierrepontcriss and added:
    Entertainment Weekly, what the fuck are you talking about? the trailer is flawless.
  10. jpierrepontcriss reblogged this from entertainmentweekly and added:
    Holy shit this looks absolutely FANTASTIC.
  11. mynameisearthworm answered: I really want to watch the trailer but im not done with the book yet. make sure it doesnt give anything away.
  12. sasunnach reblogged this from entertainmentweekly
  13. dreamstothestars answered: I adore this book, and I am very excited to see the movie!
  14. cinjudes answered: I have no interest in this movie or it’s actors.
  15. perf-obsessive answered: Rpattz rocks my socks <3
  16. past--is--prologue answered: Usually Reese Witherspoon is good for a bit more than just sighing and batting her eyelashes…
  17. bonnieam answered: the book was great! i can’t wait to see how it translate to film.
  18. makebeleafs reblogged this from entertainmentweekly and added:
    aimed at the Twilight set? HOW DO YOU FIGURE?
  19. entertainmentweekly posted this

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