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So how many people did you have to kill for this internship? (At least I'm assuming your an intern. Most companies have the intern do tumblr.) Iust saw the new summer listing. I'm going to apply, but I'm kind of wondering how slim my chances are.


Putting aside the first person plural for a brief moment: I am not, in fact, an intern, though I was one in the winter/spring of 2011.

Back to business: The internship pool varies in size, but you should know that you’ll be expected to compete in feats of strength and cunning if you make it to the second, “Hunger Games” round of the application process. Please make sure to get all your shots before stepping foot inside the arena.


  1. nikkiholly said: Thanks for answering! I’ll be sure to attend archery lessons beforehand. (Also, sorry for assuming you’re an intern.)
  2. truelovealwaysandforever said: Love the HG analogy lol
  3. topheriskris said: From one community manager to another, this is an annoying assumption. #CMproblemzzzz
  4. entertainmentweekly posted this

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