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Inside this week's EW


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Wouldn't a Carrie Diaries but for Homeland be awesome? Can you pitch that idea? Enough of young fashionistas. Let's make teenagedom more electric and dangerous.


As a matter of fact, we explored this in the magazine a few issues ago!

In our version of The Carrie Mathison Diaries, Carrie’s got a crush on an ROTC cadet in the school’s jazz band (played by Rupert Grint) and gets a foreign exchange student deported after he brings his own tzatziki to the cafeteria. Also, she’s kicked out of Model U.N. after making out with both Israel and Palestine.


  1. sadamantium said: That show would be called Veronica Mars.
  2. good-nightandjoy said: This would only be acceptable if there’s an epic, Les Mis-esque musical number at the end.
  3. xojanedotcom said: what a good good good idea
  4. ezrafenty said: perfect
  5. whereisthelifewehavelost said: But who plays Carrie?
  6. entertainmentweekly posted this

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