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Inside this week's EW


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Do you only post on tumblr all day? (not that that isn't a full time job) Or do you have other stuff to do on top of that?


Breaking character for a moment: No, I also spend my days writing super important blog posts about Justin Bieber groping his fans and Chubby Checker suing the makers of an app that measures penis size.


  1. whitneystrouth said: "super important blog posts": I hope that is not sarcasm I hear. I am sure for some people these articles are the ‘be all and end all’ of their day!
  2. benedictcumberbatchruinedmensfw said: Dammit. Why’d you break character? I wanted to pretend this was just the magazine come to life. ARRRGGGHCRY!
  3. thecinemaniac said: This is the job I need.
  4. entertainmentweekly posted this

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