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Inside this week's EW


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Do you guys know what happened on Degrassi this past Friday?


Didn’t see it, but here are a few educated guesses:

- We met a new student whose personality bears a suspicious resemblance to a character who used to be on the show

- Two characters who had never spoken before suddenly became BFF

- A character who previously expressed no interest in music joined a band

- A couple broke up because of a simple misunderstanding

- Someone was really sore-ry about doing something wrong


  1. noelle-skywalker said: Cam committed suicide.
  2. consumedwithloneliness said: Actually, it was really sad. A character committed suicide.
  3. waittilthesunshines said: Suicide actually
  4. chrissiegee said: All wrong, a kid committed suicide.
  5. manicpixiedream said: i love you. haha
  6. omyon said: Pretty hilarious, but actually a character committed suicide just FYI

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