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Inside this week's EW


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We’ve made it to the Final Four — and, in a shocking twist, Ross and Rachel aren’t among the semifinalists. Which of these pairs gets your vote for Greatest TV Couple of All Time? Of all time??


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  4. sethmessi said: Get those flammers off there!
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  6. head-undervvater answered: KLAINE
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    I adore Klaine, but Ten/Rose? One of the few straight couples i will go to hell and back to defend with honor. Sorry...
  9. yoshiko answered: kurt and blaine
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    Greatest Tv Couple of all time
  11. parksandwreckmyself answered: Rose and the doctor!
  12. youre-brilliant answered: omg, if klaine end up against rose and ten, my brain might explode
  13. mytraveltimes answered: Ricky and Lucy
  14. mewtwojumping answered: KLAINE.
  15. bjewel answered: fuck that. marissa and ryan!!
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  17. jackcorrydon answered: Sorry, it is still Sam and Diane
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    i dont even watch himym and i can safely assume marshall & lily have a better relationship than kurt & blaine. vote...
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    Fuck Glee. Vote HIMYM.
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  25. abbyarmbruster answered: Lucy and Ricky!!! I love Lily and Marshall, but Lucy and Ricky are timeless.
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    This is the hardest fucking thing I’ve ever had to face I LOVE ALL THESE COUPLES
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  29. slycookies answered: Doctor and Rose!

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