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Inside this week's EW


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Hello. I'd like to apply for your internship. I would be awesome at internshipping. However I would only like to deal with things involving Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock. Can we make a deal? If so then I will apply immediately. Now I understand it seems odd to make demands this early in the game but my mama taught me to be honest and she also asked me to ask you when the hell are you guys going to put Benedict Cumberbatch on the cover? love, greyface.


You almost had the job — until you revealed that you didn’t know Benedict Cumberbatch already had a cover this year.

INTERNSHIP DENIED. Blame your mom.


  1. lamiafelicita reblogged this from entertainmentweekly and added:
    I was going through their internship tag and ouch. But I mean if you are gonna be a Benedict fan you gotta keep up with...

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