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Inside this week’s EW

Inside this week's EW


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first of all,nice job running this Tumblr.
my question is: why did the Cougar Town and 90210 recaps stop in the middle of the season? They were so good:(
Thanks for the answer in advance!


Thanks for the compliment! As for your question:

1. We didn’t stop recapping Cougar Town—the write-ups just migrated from the TV Recaps area of the site to PopWatch (confusing, I know). Check ‘em out here.

2. EW writers are all crazily overcommitted, so every now and then, we have to take stock of what we’re recapping and decide whether the number of people reading and responding to those recaps justifies the time and energy we spend writing them. Our 90210 write-ups, unfortunately, didn’t make the cut.


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