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Game time! (Don’t worry, we’re not just picking on these shows — every new fall series is represented in our full poll.)

What’s your pick?


  1. uselego answered: back in the game.
  2. ztaaronson answered: Back in the Game
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  4. lilpnkbunnies reblogged this from entertainmentweekly and added:
    this is sad and funny all at the same time.
  5. slugclubmember answered: Dads. For sure.
  6. 89kayler reblogged this from entertainmentweekly and added:
    Brooklyn nine-nine
  7. sugarandspicer answered: I had to go with Dads, because I have yet to come across someone who could say something good about it. Then again, when is TV logical?
  8. disco-dancer-donna answered: Dads. The jokes are all sexist and about shaming people. The main character is detestable and I ever thought I’d dislike Seth Green so much.
  9. taylorsrandomblog answered: Either “Back in the Game” or “The Goldbergs”
  10. luckieststar85 said: The goldbergs
  11. goodmorning--midnight answered: Definitely not Dads since everyone has a pretty big boner for McFarland.
  12. dontfeedtrollsfilm reblogged this from entertainmentweekly
  13. allidoiswatchthesky said: I’ve heard Dads is especially horrible so my vote is for that (although 2 and a half men manages to still be on tv so it’s really a crap shoot)
  14. daddysvapidprincess said: My money’s on “We Are Men” or “Men”. It could go either way.
  15. doraj19 reblogged this from entertainmentweekly and added:
    What’s ur pick? I said Michael H Fox
  16. doraj19 said: There’s going to be a Dracula series? Seriously? Ha!
  17. oncemoreintothefrey said: Dads…
  18. commie-bimbo answered: Dads!!! Such a horribly unfunny show…blah!

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