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Inside this week’s EW

Inside this week's EW


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Important thing #1: Jon Hamm was Ellie Kemper’s 9th grade drama teacher.

Important thing #2: Guest editors Tina Fey and Amy Poehler had Hamm interview Kemper for this week’s issue of EW, and it is predictably delightful.

This week, we let Amy and Tina take over EW — and they clearly took the job very seriously, as you can see from their opening letter to readers:

"If you are reading this ‘Letter From the Guest Editors,’ it probably means you have read all the other parts of the magazine at least five times and are in some kind of isolated and desperate situation. If it’s a bathroom emergency, try elevating your feet on an upturned wastebasket. If you are in the trunk of a drug lord’s car, try doing that thing Walter White does where he throws chemicals at the ground and they explode."
















Uh oh…

You think you can just waltz into Friday night with a smirk like that?! WE INVENTED THAT SMIRK.



A smirk off?

There’s no out-smirking Reddington

There’s no out-smirking Reddington? HA!

Would you like to try that again?

Does this count?

Clearly you guys never took Micro-Smirks 101. 

You can’t teach this smirk. 


Jim Halpert created the smirk.

*knocks* Did someone say smirk-off?

Woah, what about the ladies?!

Hello, ladies.

Careful who you’re catcalling, Adam!


Never thought we’d say this, but we really miss you guys!


This warms the cockles of our heart.

Slow clap.

I love you in a way that is just shy of creepy.

Tina Fey celebrates Carol Burnett, neatly sums up how we feel about Liz Lemon.

Blerg: We’re still not ready to say goodbye to you, Liz Lemon.

We’re so pumped for Amy Poehler and Tina Fey to host the Golden Globes that we went ahead and compiled a list of the BFF duo’s best onscreen moments. A personal favorite: Tina’s photobomb from last year’s Globes.

FEY: What might be exciting for us as a comedy paring is, I feel — and forgive me Amy if I’m speaking for you — but I feel like we’re both just, just old enough that we don’t really give a s— anymore. POEHLER: I will tell you that the good news is, both personally and professionally, I have a large case of the f— its right now. And it’s the perfect time to host something of this magnitude.

Tina and Amy prove why this year’s Golden Globes will be the best.

Kevin “Dotcom” Brown tweets last-ever photo from the 30 Rock set; a nation mourns.

Obviously the best part of 30 Rock's awesome wedding episode. (They must have created this GIFbait on purpose, right?)

(via hellogiggles)

Awesomeness: The folks at UPrinting created these ultra-clever business cards, which depict what TV’s most popular characters might carry in real life. Check out cards for Jesse Pinkman, Liz Lemon, Tyrion Lannister, and more of your favorites on our site.

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