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VIDEO: The Obamas saw ‘Do the Right Thing’ on their first date

According to Michelle Obama, President Obama showed her ”all facets of his character” during their outing. The duo spent the entire day together: They lunched in the courtyard at the Art Institute of Chicago and strolled down Michigan Avenue before watching the then newly released, critically acclaimed flick.

"Take tips gentlemen," President Obama says.

Billy Ray Cyrus to make Broadway debut in ‘Chicago’

Miley Cyrus may be headed to the altar, but her dad is headed to the big stage. Country singer and actor Billy Ray Cyrus will make his Broadway debut in Chicago for a seven-week stint beginning Nov. 5.

PopWatch Planner: Matt LeBlanc, Charlie Sheen, and Louis C.K. return for more

Charlie Sheen will make a visit to Jimmy Fallon, freaky-deaky R. Kelly puts out a fairly normal album, Louie returns…and Bigfoot?

'Game of Thrones': Bush's severed head no longer on the stake

Someone is having a very bad day in Westeros — but this time around, it’s not former President George W. Bush.

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