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Inside this week’s EW

Inside this week's EW


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'Magic Mike XXL'  release date is set! 

EXCLUSIVE: Jack Gleeson talks Game of Thrones royal wedding shocker.


Badass moves like these are what might get you your own spin-off, Mystique. Keep it up.

[Exclusive photo]

Wolverine! Mystique! Magneto! Talk about epic.

Get the latest on ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ and more in our SUMMER MOVIE PREVIEW.

BONUS: It’s a double issue, guys!

EXCLUSIVE GIFS: Jack and Chloe are back, dammit!

Jack is back! In this week’s EW, get an exclusive look behind the scenes of 24 with Jack Bauer himself.

Photo Credit: Gavin Bond for EW.

According to the Center for the Study of Women in Television & Film’s Celluloid Ceiling report, 2013 marked a dismal year for women in behind-the-scenes jobs on the top 250 grossing movies. Filmmakers with XX chromosomes accounted for only 16 percent of the directors, writers, ­executive producers, producers, editors, and ­cinematographers on those films — a drop of 1 percent from 1998. And only 6 percent of the top films last year were helmed by women, down from 9 percent. Other than Kathryn Bigelow, still the only woman to win an Oscar for directing (The Hurt Locker), no female directors come close to the name recognition of Spielberg or Scorsese. The question is: Why?

We may not have all the answers — but it’s just as important to keep asking the question.

Oh yes — it’s that time of year again.


I got a bit…carried away

Now that’s the type of dedication we like to see. Anyone else got photos of their Cumberhaul to share with the group?

Summer tiiiiime, and the livin’ is… intern-y

Which is to say: Entertainment Weekly magazine and EW.com are both looking for summer edit interns. Find info below — and pay attention, as the requirements to apply for each are slightly different.

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