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Ratings for the 2010-2011 TV season are in! Here’s how every broadcast show averaged in the all-important adults 18-49 demographic. The numbers include DVR viewings that took place within seven days after an episode’s premiere. For those keeping score at home: NBC’s The Voice is the highest-rated new show, followed by CBS’ Mike & Molly. CBS’ $#*! My Dad Says also ranks as the highest-rated canceled show, while ABC’s Shark Tank is the lowest-rated renewed entertainment show among the Big 4 networks. The full list is here.

They are still new at this and they are learning to navigate the waters of a relationship. But the show is called ‘Mike & Molly’ so I guess there is some sense of security. Well, if you don’t count the double homicide. In fact, next season won’t even be about us because we’ll be dead. Next season, tune in for ‘Jeanette & Joe.’ Could you imagine? That’s the alternate ending if we get canceled.

Between this quote and her hilarious performance in Bridesmaids, we couldn’t be more into Melissa McCarthy right now. (For more scoop on upcoming season finales, be sure to read this week’s Spoiler Room column.)

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