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Also The Office and Parks and Rec, but who even cares about them?

Exclamation points!!!

Uh-oh: In Parks and Recreation’s upcoming season finale, April may have screwed up royally by deleting all of the department’s files. Can Andy help her out of this electronic jam and save the day? Let’s roll the tape and see what happens in our preview clip. (Hint: The answer to that question is probably “no.”)

On tonight’s Community, Jeff Winger and his study buddies are hungry like the wolf — the Dick Wolf, that is. When someone at Greendale sabotages the group’s science project — call it premeditated yamicide — the episode blossoms into an homage to Wolf’s Law & Order. Check out this exclusive clip, or be forever held in contempt.


I didn’t get Inception. There’s just so many layers!

Our readers’ pick for last night’s funniest TV quote comes courtesy of Community's Troy. Think this was really Thursday's best quip? Or do you have another suggestion?

Just when you thought you couldn’t love him more, Parks and Rec star Nick Offerman read tweets from the likes of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus while wielding power tools.

Less than nine hours until his show returns!

Say it ain’t so, Jack! Fingers crossed this is just a bit of Donaghy-esque brinksmanship — and that many years from now, Alec Baldwin will kickstart negotiations for 30 Rock‘s 20th season by indicating his plans to remove the whole concept of “Thursday” from the calendar.

Oh hey, animated Tina Fey!

Could Pam Beesly Halpert be a movie star? After watching the trailer for A Little Help, an indie comedy starring The Office‘s Jenna Fischer as a recently widowed woman at the end of her rope, I’m much more likely to answer that question with a “yes.” Bonus points for invoking 9/11 in a way that doesn’t make everyone feel uncomfortable.

Sorry, who dissed The Office finale? I f—-ing didn’t, that’s for sure…The US version of The Office has probably made me ten times the money that the UK version did. I wouldn’t knock it. It’s still my show.

Ricky Gervais backpedals after dissing The [American] Office, still finds a way to dis The [American] Office.

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