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The first thing people say to me, infuriatingly, is ‘Why do you think people think you’re so manly?’ So I start the chapter by saying, ‘Look, I understand why on the surface you might think a Snickers bar is a meal — it’s packed with peanuts, it really satisfies, it’s got a nice thick dimension — but when you break it down, it’s actually a candy bar.’ And by the same token, I see the mustache, I use tools, I don’t suffer fools gladly, I don’t mince about in the public eye as frequently, so I understand why people would say, ‘Oh, that guy seems like he’s very manly.’ I’m quick to remind the audience that I’m, of my family and my community, I’m the one who went away to theater school to find a career in the arts. I have studied ballet, I have worn tights, I wear makeup every day at work, I love to cry openly at a Pixar film. So I don’t think I’m as manly as you think.

Nick Offerman — a.k.a. Ron Swanson — lays down the law in an interview about his new book.

'Parks and Rec' exec producer teases Season 5 storylines, guess who-style

But which names go where?

1. “—– has a personal breakthrough thanks to a cowboy hat, and some tough love from —–.”

2. “Champion the three-legged dog may be the only thing that can cheer up —– when he has an emotional breakdown.”

3. “Will —– actually win an award for something?  And more importantly, will he care?”

4. “Halloween pranks aren’t always harmless, as —– and —– will learn the hard way.”

5. “—– finds himself contemplating a big career move on the deck of a yacht.”

6. “Why in the world would —– possibly try to destroy a project idea from —–?”

7. “Episode 8 might just be the last we hear from —–.”

8. “—– grabs —–’s wrist so hard, he’ll think twice about food tray etiquette in the future.”

9. “Can —– read all of “50 Shades of Gray” in one afternoon?”

10. “Of all the people to have thrown a well-attended party, who’d have guessed it’d be —–?

11. “Was —– texting when he got into a minor car accident?  How dare you, sir! He was tweeting.”

(Answers? We got your answers right here.)

Last night’s Parks and Rec premiere was pretty great. But was it as great as seeing Ron Swanson wearing full makeup and playing princess with a couple of little girls, all to impress a new love interest played by the lovely Lucy Lawless?

We don’t think so. More photos here.

Fact: Ron Swanson hates birthdays. Loud noises, crowds, corporate scams, and general merriment? Ugh. The worst. But it’s hard not to celebrate when Nick Offerman shares a birthday with Parks and Recreation co-star Aubrey Plaza, who plays his equally lovable but equally curmudgeonly assistant April Ludgate. Offerman turns 42 today, and Plaza turns 28.

Let’s appreciate the two with some of our favorite Ron-April moments, shall we?

MORE: Happy birthday, Nick Offerman and Aubrey Plaza!

Just when you thought you couldn’t love him more, Parks and Rec star Nick Offerman read tweets from the likes of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus while wielding power tools.

Less than nine hours until his show returns!

'Parks and Recreation' star Nick Offerman to guest on 'The Cleveland Show'

“He’s very handsome and gassy,” Offerman tells EW.

Nick Offerman & Megan Mullally stopped by our Park City, Utah photo studio.

onlyannie replied to your photo: Nick Offerman—a.k.a. Ron Swanson—has teamed up…

Nick Offerman is DOPE. Did you know he builds boats and stuff in this shed thing in his backyard… which he also loans out to local comedy troupes? Bill Hader from SNL was essentially discovered there.

Yep—the photo that accompanies this post shows Offerman and Chad Pregracke, founder of Living Lands & Waters, standing in front of a hand-made canoe built by the actor himself. Whatta man!

Nick Offerman—a.k.a. Ron Swanson—has teamed up with Budweiser to promote its “Grow One. Save a Million” campaign, which encourages men to grow beards as awesome as his—and therefore conserve water—in advance of World Environment Day (this Sunday, June 5).

"The only thing manlier than growing a big, burly beard is ripping a big, burly beard off of a charging grizzly with your bare hands,” Swanson Offerman says in a release. “That, and saving the planet. Since no grizzly has had the balls to charge me since I went through puberty, I’ve decided to focus on saving the planet by joining with Budweiser to promote the ‘Grow One. Save a Million’ campaign. Men, if you want to look manly and feel good about conserving water, join me and take the pledge on Budweiser’s Facebook page. And grizzlies, charge me. Just do it. I’m waiting, you babies.”

This week in EW: 101 Reasons We Love Parks and Recreation.

It was tough to limit ourselves to just 101 reasons, but we managed.

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