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If there’s a lesson in the booting of Pia Toscano, it’s that criticism, when it’s offered by people who know what they’re doing, isn’t evil. It’s a force that enriches, an aesthetic helping hand, a declaration of reality that helps the best artists to prevail. Let’s hope that tonight the judges remember what they’re there for. Let’s hope that they start judging.

Owen Gleiberman eloquently explains how American Idol has proven why critics do matter.

It was obvious that Charlie Sheen found the mounting audience hostility at Radio City a little flabbergasting. He jeered at the jeerers, and often seemed to be saying, with a grimace of attitude: Why the hell are you people heckling me if you paid to see me? He didn’t seem to get that the audience was answering back: “Because we didn’t want you to suck.”

Owen Gleiberman’s report from Charlie Sheen’s Radio City Music Hall show is required reading.

Owen and Lisa rank the 10 best and worst live action/animation hybrid movies. Guess which side the Bill Murray-starring Garfield falls on?

And no, we’re not talking about things like Batman or The Lord of the Rings here. What do you think—are there any non-popcorn flicks you’d like to see sequels to? (Personally, I’m still waiting for Titanic: Two the Surface.)

Two leap to mind. Sally Field’s “You like me, you really like me!” speech was just such a jaw-dropper, because it truly was that rare peek behind the curtain of Oscar vanity and vulnerability. It defined the ceremony’s subtext forever. And I guess I’d add the joyful insanity of Jack Palance doing his one-armed victory pushups. The fun, and glory, and whole paradox of the Academy Awards is that they’re this lavishly orchestrated spectacle, with the stars on their best behavior, and on some level we spend the whole evening waiting for one of those accidental, uncensored, thrilling and embarrassing, king-of-the-world moments.

Every week, Time Inc. does a short interview with a notable employee and sends it to everyone on staff. This week, they chatted with Owen Gleiberman; this is how he responded when asked to name his favorite Oscar moments.

Quoth the critic: “Bieber, performing with guests like Boyz II Men, gives every number a shot of high pizzazz. If this is what it sounds like when a new millennium goes pop, I’ll take it.”

…If you say so, Owen!

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