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Google talks to us about their latest awesome Doodle: a fully-interactive, multi-level Doctor Who-themed game which allows players to choose any of the 11 Doctors as their avatar. It’s already live in the U.K. — and goes live in the U.S. at midnight ET.

This Doctor Who 50th anniversary minisode changes EVERYTHING.

Who could possibly replace Matt Smith as The Doctor? (See what we did there?) Here are a few ideas…

You’re welcome.

More paper doll cutouts — as well as bonus photos of Matt Smith from his cover shoot and hints about the season ahead — at our site. And psst: If you express your creativity with these on Tumblr, remember to tag Entertainment Weekly so we can see (and maybe even reblog) your work.

How can you see Matt Smith’s Doctor and Jenna Louise-Coleman’s companion Clara being very cute together in the new Doctor Who adventure, “The Bells of Saint John”?

Well, you could steal a TARDIS, Doctor-style, and travel forward a week and a half to 8 p.m. ET, March 30. Or you could watch the exclusive clip by visiting EW.com. Your choice!

This week in EW: We visit Doctor Who on location in Wales, grill executive producer Steven Moffat about upcoming episodes and the 50th anniversary special, and luncheon in Manhattan with Matt Smith. Our Who package also contains a breakdown of all 11 Doctors and, perhaps best of all, an essay by Peter Jackson in which the Lord of the Rings director recounts his Who-love and announces his price for directing an episode.

You’ll think the magazine is, well, bigger on the inside…


So does that mean the revised cover is on the way, or…?

Patience, pets.

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