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Pretty Little Liars recap: ‘A Dark Ali’

Ali makes a move that turns the Liars against her just as Melissa’s ready to reveal her secret.

Well, there is an Uber ‘A,’ I will say that. There is an Uber ‘A’ and one would believe after watching last night’s episode that Ezra is a legitimate candidate for being Uber ‘A.’ …I’ve seen some fans commenting that it just doesn’t make sense, what would be his motivation for this, and we agree completely. The fans deserve to know that answer, and we will give it to them in 4B.

PLL showrunner Marlene King explains it all — or, you know, explains that explanations are coming — in our ginormous finale postmortem interview.

You’re taking me away [for my] birthday. And all I can do is say, yay. But you’re better with words than me. Seriously can’t believe I met you in Rosewood. I thought I knew that town. Nothing but [?] and lies. It’s best kept secret was you. But you’re my secret now. My friends wouldn’t understand. They want this to be their weekend, but I want to be the person who shows you the Cape. You can hate the ocean but I promise you’ll like the view. That’s if you’re with me. Maybe we can take a few pictures, too. Ones worth like a hundred thousand words. Our imagination can take care of the rest … for now.

Your favorite, Alison

Our best interpretation of what Ali wrote in her letter to Board Shorts, as revealed on last night’s Pretty Little Liars. The plot thickens!

The Bunheads say farewell in the best way they can — through dance!

We’ve got exclusive alternate shots of the Pretty Little Liars girls from this week’s cover shoot — plus the rundown on their pretty little ensembles.

“I am going to take credit for black and white stripes,” says Line. “That’s all Aria wore first and season second season. It’s everywhere now.” Line says the feather earring craze can also be traced back to the series. “It was totally unsanitary,” recalls Line, who says she literally took the accessory off her ear and put it on Lucy Hale.

Pretty Little Liars costume designer Mandi Line talks making statements on a budget, which PLL star is the most difficult to dress, and what she has in mind for season four.

This week in EW: How ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars are changing the way networks measure success, one photobomb, tweet, status update, and Keek video at a time.

What’s in store for the Pretty Little Liars this week? These three clips from tonight’s episode will give you a hint.

You didn’t think Garrett was just going to disappear after being sprung from jail in Pretty Little Liars' summer finale, did you?

Not only is Garrett back in this Tuesday’s special Halloween episode — he’s also got some info to share about Alison’s final hours. Get a taste of what he has to say with this teaser clip, which EW is debuting exclusively.

Guess this means they broke it?

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