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Okay, who’s the jerk who stole Leslie and Ben’s lock from Paris’s Pont des Arts?

In which Ben Wyatt auditions for Jim on The Office, and we all swoon. (Plus, Seth Rogen as Dwight! We can’t believe it either!)

Whoa — Adam Scott could have played Jim on The Office. And Melissa McCarthy’s husband (the air marshal from Bridesmaids) auditioned for Michael! And Chloe O’Brian auditioned for Pam!!

Minds blown, all around.

Anyone else want to skip work/school today and just watch this episode over and over and over?

You missed the Party Down reunion this weekend — but don’t worry, you can still see the photos.

More Amy and Adam, because we just can’t help ourselves.

I want Bill Murray to play the mayor [of Pawnee], and I just dream about it every night. I whisper it to a bird and then I open the window and the bird flies away.

Yeah, can’t resist posting one more quote from our Sundance interview with Amy Poehler and Adam Scott. (Shouldn’t be hard to guess which one said this.)

I think the next thing is moon wives. Like having a wife here on earth and then a wife on the moon. And everybody’s cool with it. They’re like, ‘You’re my Earth wife, but my moon wife and I are also in love.’

Amy Poehler, ladies and gentlemen!

In which your favorite Boy Meets World fansite EW remembers Boy Meets World's best celebrity guest stars — beginning, of course, with Adam “Griff Hawkins” Scott.

We don’t have access to Ben Wyatt’s Star Trek fanfiction — but we can point you toward a streaming version of his “Benji’s Cool Times Summer Jamz” mix.

Seal! Blind Melon! The Gin Blossoms, you guys!! Can we get a Cool Times Autumn Jamz mix next?

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