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There was nobody more famous or glamorous. Usually for the records, the room was almost empty — we’d have the cast and then a couple writers. That day, the recording stage was completely filled. She came in, she had a little dog, and she wore her ring, which was huge. It cost more than my house. We had her do the one line where she said ‘Daddy’ as Maggie. I’m looking at the ‘Most Beautiful Woman in the World,’ trying to think, ‘What does that sound like coming out of a cute little baby?’ I asked her for a lot of takes because it’s very hard to know what you want on one word, but she was really funny about it. After I said, ‘Okay, we got it!’ she said ‘F— you!’ in the Maggie voice. She was kidding. Everybody laughed. She lived up to everything you would expect Elizabeth Taylor to be. She was very smart and funny. We figured if we were getting her to come in to do just one word, we really should get her to do something else playing herself, which we used in [1993’s] “Krusty Gets Kancelled” episode…. What I remember vividly was as she was leaving, she walked up to David Silverman, our animation director, and said, ‘Where have these beautiful eyes been hiding all day?’ He was very thrilled. It was just one of those magical moments. I never thought I’d be working with Elizabeth Taylor in my life. It was really, really cool.

Simpsons executive producer Al Jean remembers Elizabeth Taylor’s memorable guest appearances.

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