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Your exhaustive guide to every crazy thing Amanda Bynes has done in the past 13 months.

Microsoft is getting rid of Hotmail — but don’t worry, because these obsolete Internet curiosities are still online (and, in some cases, unchanged since the ’90s. Amanda, please!).



PSA: Amanda Bynes has a new Tumblr, and also a newly pierced cheek. What a girl wants indeed!

Amanda Bynes is so happy this morning. Cue "Schadenfreude" from Avenue Q.

Once upon a time, Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes were buddies. Now Lindsay’s complaining about how Amanda isn’t in jail, despite her numerous driving infractions.

Yup: This happened.

An IM exchange inspired by Amanda Bynes’ latest legal woes

EW Writer #1: AMANDA PLEASE stop drinking and driving

EW Writer #2: gonna drive straight off moody’s point!

EW Writer #1: What a girl wants is to go back to when she didn’t have 4 driving related incidents

EW Writer #2: she’s the man, if the man is always getting hammered and refusing to give up his keys

EW Writer #1: Something something something SYDNEY WHITE

[For reference.]

What a Girl Wants: to make bail. (Alternately: Amanda, please!)



Amanda Bynes: Kanye in a wig?

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