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Inside this week's EW


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Well, of course you have to report the facts. Unless it’s too hard to find the facts — then just make something up.

Ron Burgundy has invaluable wisdom for the aspiring journalists of Emerson College’s Ron Burgundy School of Communications.

"I’ve always been a great anchorman, a great flute player, a great collector of fine, leather-bound manuscripts — but lo and behold, I really can write a heck of a book. I’m not gonna lie to you: This is a very important book from an important man."

Based on the trailer alone, Let Me Off at the Top! is already our new favorite.

Here it goes down, down into our bellies…

Great Odin’s raven — now there are TWO more Anchorman trailers!

But is it leather-bound?

This week in EW: We go deep inside Ron Burgundy… and Brian Fantana… and Brick… and Champ. Plus: Fall movie preview!

Anyone want to carpool to DC this November?


(World, please don’t end until we see this movie.)

That headline is as important as the article itself.

It’s official: Tits McGee — er, Christina Applegate — is on board for Anchorman 2. Now we’ve just got to confirm that Baxter will return as well.

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