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Can indie cartoon ‘Hullabaloo’ give new steam to hand-drawn animation?

An Exclusive Q&A here

The first 7 minutes of Star Wars Rebels is available for you to watch right here

Clearly, G.I. Jeff Winger is a real American hero. (More photos — including animated Britta, Annie, and Shirley! — over here.)

Guess who’s coming back to Futurama — and who’s providing his voice?

Another trailer for Monsters University — now with more Helen Mirren!

Maggie Simpson stars in this Oscar-nominated animated short, “The Longest Daycare.” Think she has what it takes to beat Disney’s “Paperman”?

Just call it a Winter Awakening: Jonathan Groff, a.k.a. rival show choir singer-turned-coach Jesse St. James on Glee (and Melchior in Spring Awakening) is officially voicing the lead role of Kristoff in Disney’s in-production animated feature Frozen. He’ll star alongside Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, who play a pair of singing sisters.

So, like, they have to give Lea Michele a part now, right? Riiiight?

Ever wondered what Johnny Depp would look like as a Family Guy character? Wonder no more — the star’s going to play himself on the animated comedy this Sunday, and we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at his guest appearance. Giggidy, etc.

Get out your hanky — we’re remembering 10 of animation’s most devastating deaths.

Mars Needs Moms was an expensive disaster that cost Disney over $100 million. But producer Robert Zemeckis thinks the movie is much better than its reputation implies — at the Philadelphia Film Festival, he declared that Mars is "the best 3-D movie since Avatar.

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