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Have you said it in llama yet? [h/t Laughing Squid]

Happy Thursday!

From EW’s archives: Our 1992 cover story about Aladdin, which industry folks apparently thought would be a big gamble for Disney. Excerpt:

The wide Thanksgiving-weekend release of Aladdin marks Disney’s most aggressive effort yet to engineer the cross-generational appeal that can make the difference between a solid hit and one for the record books. The film’s cast of characters, from a homeless, hormone-driven-teen-hunk leading lad (think Persia, 90210) to a sexually aware, proto-feminist princess to a father anxious about his advancing age, have cares and concerns that will be inscrutable to young children. Moreover, the film polishes off the storybook timelessness of past Disney fables and substitutes topicality, with lines and situations that take satirical swipes at America’s pop-culture landscape, including game shows, recent movie hits, TV commercials, even presidential politics (one power-mad character croons, ”Read my lips and come to grips with reality”).

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