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Inside this week's EW


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This week in EW: The best and worst of 2012, from the edgy genius of FX’s Louie to the sugar-rush high of Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe.

Our picks for this year’s best movie posters, from On the Road to Wreck-It Ralph to… well, you didn’t think we’d reveal our number one here, did you?

We spoke with Parks and Rec's awesome prop master about her favorite pieces of 2012 — including Leslie’s Unity Quilt, that Sweetums voting machine, and Groffle, the Awful Waffle. He cries syrup tears and has a butter nose!

What’s the most-improved TV show of 2012? The Walking Dead is at the top of our list — how about you?

Our photo gallery of the year’s best and worst CGI, brought to you by Bella and Edward’s unforgivably creepy hellspawn.

Joe Manganiello tells us all about his five favorite stops on the Magic Mike press tour. More importantly: SHIRTLESS VIDEOS OF JOE MANGANIELLO!

Have you read our Best of 2012 — Behind the Scenes coverage yet? It’s a series of interviews with some of 2012’s best off-screen talent, including the SNL writer who planned Kristen Wiig’s emotional goodbye, the Wreck-It Ralph producer who helped design a game that didn’t make it into the movie, and Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn.

In this entry, we interviewed Daily Showexecutive producer Rory Albanese to get the inside scoop on Bulls#%t Mountain, election season’s most memorable bit. Read it — then check out the rest of our Best and Worst of 2012 content.

According to Goodreads users, these are the best books of 2012. (Man, John Green’s really having a good year.) Thoughts?

It’s that time again! We’re selecting our Entertainers of the Year — and we need your help.

Declare your favorites in movies, TV, music, books and more by voting in our Entertainer of the Year polls; the winners will appear in our annual special issue, which hits stands Nov. 30.

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