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WINNER: Beyoncé, ummmm, Amy Pueblo, I mean Amy Poehler!

See the rest of our 2014 Emmys Winners, Losers and Toss Ups.

Yep, it’s officially happening. 

Christmas Eve just got one-upped: On Dec. 23, Fuse will air all 17 of Beyoncé’s new videos, starting at 8 p.m. ET. Should we just call it “B’Day”?

Look who just stopped by our office — Pentatonix! And they sang their “Evolution of BeyoncĂ©” medley for us!

As if you didn’t already know: BeyoncĂ©’s self-titled “visual album” — which, of course, was available exclusively on iTunes — sold a ridiculous 828,773 copie in just three days, making it the music platform’s fastest selling album ever. Let us celebrate by staring into her hypnotic eyes.

Beyonce + Cinderella = YouTube Gold

This is one of the flercest fairy tale adaptations we’ve seen in awhile.

Beyonce and Kid President are so cute we could die.

Bless you, Bey, for finally just ordering us to grovel at your magnificent feet.

Wait a minute — are we starting to like Kelly Rowland more than Queen B?

The most difficult question of all: Which Knowles sister stunned most on the Grammys red carpet yesterday?

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