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Breaking news: Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf are dating!

We repeat: Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf are dating!!!

Whether you think Gossip Girl went out with a bang or a whimper, we can all agree on one thing: Blair’s wedding dress was flawless. Here’s our recap of the GG series finale.

The six of you who still watch Gossip Girl are in for a treat tonight — at least, if you’re Dair fans. Blair and Dan are finally going to get down and dirty, only to find that they’re not quite compatible between the sheets. But according to executive producer Jonathan Safran, “The fun of this story is how they try to overcome” this stumbling block. Get more scoop — and see an exclusive clip of tonight’s episode — at Inside TV.

What’s your character math?

Let Sandra Gonzalez explain:

This weekend, while reading the latest EW Summer Movie Math post, I starting thinking about how I perceive myself – in movie math terms.

We all relate to different aspects of our favorite characters on TV and in movies, but it’s a whole other (very time-consuming) game when you try to calculate your personal movie math — which, for these purposes, we’ll call Character Math. It took me two days of sporadic thought to come up with something satisfactory. Here’s what I concluded (share yours, too, so I’m not the only painfully self-absorbed person here!): 

Ron Swanson – mustache + Blair Waldorf – [money + lots of pretty clothes] + Cher Horowitz’s driving skills + Cameron Fry = Sandra

Verrrry interesting. I haven’t given the matter enough thought to come up with a firm equation, but I know mine will involve Meg Murry (from A Wrinkle in Time), Liz Lemon, and a healthy dose of Daria (sensing a pattern?). Hows about you?

Gossip Girl recapper Tim Stack has had about enough of this soap’s twists and turns: ” I could not be more exhausted from trying to figure out all the various complications from last night’s episode of Gossip Girl,” he wrote yesterday. “Frankly, I’m worn out.”

But at least the show has also raised one question that should be easy to answer: Which of these three square-jawed studs should Blair end up with?

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