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Our photo gallery of the year’s best and worst CGI, brought to you by Bella and Edward’s unforgivably creepy hellspawn.

In case you missed it: The most effective way to kill one suburban teenager is by turning dozens of people into vampire soldiers, ambitious women are all evil, everyone is an ethnic stereotype, and 12 other life lessons we learned from the Twilight saga.

Kristen Stewart at last night’s Breaking Dawn — Part 2 premiere: Sheer genius, or “oops, looks like you forgot to wear a dress”?

Eeeeeee — Robert Pattinson’s baseball cap and Kristen Stewart’s right hand are finally back together!!!

I’d like my fans to know that… Cinnamon Toast Crunch only has 30 calories a bowl in it, for instance… Pretty much everything that comes out of my mouth is irrelevant.

Robert Pattinson goes on Good Morning America and lies to America. Cereal nutrition is no joke, R-Patz!

The many faces of R-Patz eating ice cream.

This Week’s Cover: ‘Twilight’ Exclusive — Director Bill Condon on the scandal. Plus: Fall movie preview!

So. Many. Vampires.

(For these six and the other 17 photos, zip on over to EW.com.)

Twihards, we come bearing gifts.

First, 44 photos of the cast at Comic-Con. Because, you know, beautiful people + vampire themes = catnip to the Internet masses.

Second, we have the scoop on what actually went down during the Breaking Dawn — Part 2 panel. But we know you have to spend some quality time with the slideshow first. No rush. The story will still be here when you’re done.

This Week’s Cover: ‘Twilight’ Exclusive! Meet Renesmee, Breaking Dawn — Part 2’s Wild Child!

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