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Whoa — Adam Scott could have played Jim on The Office. And Melissa McCarthy’s husband (the air marshal from Bridesmaids) auditioned for Michael! And Chloe O’Brian auditioned for Pam!!

Minds blown, all around.

Hooray, Ellie Kemper’s getting her own show! (As long as NBC picks up the pilot.)

Have we talked about how friggin’ pumped we are that Rebel Wilson is hosting the MTV Movie Awards?

Do you ever wake up and think, “Man, I wish I could raid Emma Stone’s DVD collection right now?”

This is the closet you’ll get to having that experience.

Emma Stone walks us through the movies of her life.

So much awesome here that I can’t even finish this sent

When we’re on stage sometimes, I’ll see people in the audience and they’ll be like, [sings] “Some day somebody’s gonna make you wanna turn around and say goodbye/Until then, baby,” and then they go, “Na na na na na.” They go in and out. It just makes me laugh.

We talked to the ladies of Wilson Phillips about life post-Bridesmaids and what you’ll have to pay to get them to sing at your wedding. (“We don’t have a fee yet, but it’s going to be up there, honey.”)

Bridesmaids Outtakes - watch more funny videos

We really, really wish that we could quote this awesome, NSFW montage of outtakes from Bridesmaids. Instead, we’ll just say this: “Great acoustics.”

Every couple of years, Hollywood remembers that there’s this weirdly esoteric, fringe-group demographic — I believe the term for it is “women” — who actually enjoy seeing their lives portrayed on screen every bit as much as men do.

Owen Gleiberman on the “surprise” success of Bridesmaids—and how it establishes Kristen Wiig as a triple-threat every bit as talented as Tina Fey.

Say hello to EW’s new Movie Math feature! This week’s edition: the Hangover-free equation for Bridesmaids.

Jon Hamm. On Conan. Laughing at a clip from Bridesmaids. Does it get better?

(Oh, also: Conan’s Jack McBrayer impression!)

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