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Inside this week's EW


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We think he took this down to change it to “LIL BISH”

Jeremy Jordan does a mean Elsa.

How did Aladdin on Broadway get the set for “Friend Like Me” to look this cool? Six-time Tony-winning set designer Bob Crowley walks us through.

Elaine Stritch drops an f-bomb on Today, steals our hearts forever. That is one feisty broad.

A Tupac musical is coming to Broadway. This is not a drill.

Tell us about the rabbits, James!


First look: Zach Braff and the cast of ‘Bullets Over Broadway' stage musical | EW

Lookin’ snazzy, right?

YESS: NBC plans to put on another live musical in 2014.

Which one do you think they should pick?

The definitive ranking of every song in The Sound of Music. How did your most beloved tunes — your favorite things, if you will — fare? Finding out is much easier than making a romper out of a pair of curtains.

Oh yeah: Aladdin is coming to Broadway. And we’ve got more photos!

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