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Carly Rae Jepsen + Nine Inch Nails = you officially not being sick of “Call Me Maybe” anymore.

And here’s a more official photo of history’s greatest round of Jeopardy. (Fittingly, it’s from the teen tournament.)


I love Jeopardy.

Wait, why isn’t everyone talking about this?

(via world-shaker-deactivated2013092)

Bazinga! While taping the episode that airs tonight, The Big Bang Theory's cast and crew treated its live studio audience to a spontaneous “Call Me Maybe” dance party. Nice moves, Kaley Cuoco.

Hey, here are Tina

Blaine and Briiiiiittany

They’re singing to ya

So call Glee, maybe


If only YouTube lip-synching competitions were a real Olympic sport.

At least we have some imaginary Internet medals to hand out to a few diving teams!

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