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Benedict Cumberbatch joins Warner Bros.’ ‘Jungle Book: Origins’


Arrow fans—meet Komodo.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D fans—meet Mockingbird

We went ahead and cast everyone from Girls in NBC’s ‘Peter Pan’

If you like Bates Motel  you will get a kick out of this casting video. 

This past Friday at Comic-Con,Game of Thrones announced 9 new cast members.

Get excited.

O.J. as the Terminator? It almost happened. 

The metal glove must not have fit. 

EXCLUSIVE: Pentatonix joined the ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ cast. Here’s who they’re playing

So Khal Drogo is playing Aquaman, probably

TFIOS fans, meet your Peter Van Houten: consummate character actor Willem Dafoe.

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