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Robot Kids, Alien Conspiracies and…Shuttle Sex?

Halle Berry goes to space (and to TV!) in Steven Spielberg’s shocking new space thriller, Extant, and on this week’s cover:

Photo Credit: Marco Grob for EW

Finally, that Madeleine Albright show we’ve all been waiting for!

Game time! (Don’t worry, we’re not just picking on these shows — every new fall series is represented in our full poll.)

What’s your pick?

That’s one way to get our attention, CBS!

…And now this show we haven’t even seen yet has punched us right in the feels! Curse you, television! Cuuuuuurrsse yooouuuuuu!

(LOL JK TV, never leave us.)

Now that Upfronts are over, we can finally present this completed grid of 2013’s fall TV schedule. Click over to EW.com for the full chart — and to see trailers for all those highlighted new shows, simply by hovering your mouse over a given series title.

Here are our predictions, arranged network by network. (NBC’s not looking good, guys.)

If you need us, we’ll be busy crying forever.


The Big Bang boys will boldly go where many geeks have gone before in this Thursday’s episode.

Which Star Trek getup is your favorite: Howard as a member of the Borg, Raj as the Klingon security chief Lt. Worf, Leonard as the intrepid Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, or Sheldon as the android Lt. Commander Data?

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