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Okay, gang, we’re signing off for the next while — we wish you a merry Decemberween, and a very happy Merlinpeen as well!

Every Who fan in Whoville liked Who’s-mas a lot
Except for perhaps a certain murderous robot
With spruces and gooses and red-and-green jelly
And a brand-new hour of Doctor Who on the telly…

(Oh, there’s more. There’s much more.)

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen this director’s commentary/behind the scenes clip for Netflix’s Yule Log. Best scene: The movie’s cutthroat casting process (a.k.a. some guy standing on top of a woodpile).

P.S. There’s also an appropriately epic trailer.

With songs like “Rajin’ Cajun Redneck Christmas,” “Hairy Christmas,” and “Duck the Halls,” is it any surprise that the Robertsons have one of the biggest albums of the season

EW asks the tough questions: Do you watch The Nightmare Before Christmas on Christmas or Halloween? (Or do you split the difference and go for Thanksgiving?)

Want to relive Doctor Who's epic Christmas special? You're in luck: Here's Sandra Gonzalez's appropriately lengthy recap, which covers everything from a Doctor in full-on sulk mode to Clara’s fate to who’s the clever one (and who’s the potato).

Discussion questions about John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John’s incredible "I Think You Might Like It" Christmas music video:

1. Why does this video have the production values of a local car dealership commercial?

2. When did Travolta grow a Kevin Richardson chin cozy?

3. Why is Olivia driving so slowly? (Is it because she’s used to doing it on the opposite side of the street?)

4. Is “Then we’re gonna hide away / Making love all night” the least convincing lyric ever when it’s sung by these two?

5. Is the line dancing supposed to be a tone-deaf nod to “Gangnam Style?” And not a question, but: Man, their moves have really gone downhill since the glory days.

6. Why is that random family reuniting at a private airport, or possibly a car rental place?

7. Where did Liv and John get their matching Elmo-red sweaters?

8. Could this be the Internet’s best GIF?

9. All in all, is “I Think You Might Like It” a total embarrassment, an incredible camp artifact, or both?

We interrupt your very important election Tumbling to bring you this equally important poll — is it okay to start listening to Christmas music yet? Some EW staffers say yes; others (like, ahem, your Tumblrer) think the holiday tunes should wait, or possibly never be played in the first place.

Your opinion?

Have yourself a merry little Christmas/It may be your last… Faithful friends who were dear to us/Will be near to us no more.

The original lyrics to a certain Christmas classic were almost comically depressing. In honor of the late Hugh Martin, the composer behind “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” who died on March 11, read our account of how one of America’s favorite holiday songs was born.

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