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Inside this week’s EW

Inside this week's EW


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After watching the new Hercules trailer, we only had one question: 

Who wore it best? 

This ‘month long celebration’ is gonna have to be WILD, right? 

Say goodbye to ‘Chelsea Lately.’ 

'Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.' I believe it was Shia LaBeouf who said that.

Jim Carrey, delivering what may be the night’s greatest joke.

I think we’d all do this whole thing a favor if we just shut up and watched, and then in a year we all sort of weighed in on what happened….You know, thank God we couldn’t live-tweet Jackie Robinson’s first at-bat in major league baseball. Maybe he would have folded under the pressure.

Two black women who just auditioned for SNL — plus W. Kamau Bell, quoted above — weigh in on the show’s hiring process, its diversity issues, and what they’d like to see happen next.

These 11 ladies apparently just auditioned for SNL — and we scoured the Internet to better introduce you to every single one.

Noooooo — John Oliver is leaving The Daily Show!

Yessss — John Oliver is getting his own show on HBO!

I love you in a way that is just shy of creepy.

Tina Fey celebrates Carol Burnett, neatly sums up how we feel about Liz Lemon.

I’m scared. I’m scared. It was unexpected. I don’t know how to feel yet. I mean, I have therapy next week.

Our new hero (and new Emmy winner) Merritt Wever, explaining why she barely delivered an acceptance speech.

This week in EW: We go deep inside Ron Burgundy… and Brian Fantana… and Brick… and Champ. Plus: Fall movie preview!

I actually played Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider 2. I thought it would be my big break, but everyone just thought I was the actual Nicolas Cage.

John Oliver reveals his best (and worst) career decisions.

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