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Inside this week's EW


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I love you in a way that is just shy of creepy.

Tina Fey celebrates Carol Burnett, neatly sums up how we feel about Liz Lemon.

I’m scared. I’m scared. It was unexpected. I don’t know how to feel yet. I mean, I have therapy next week.

Our new hero (and new Emmy winner) Merritt Wever, explaining why she barely delivered an acceptance speech.

This week in EW: We go deep inside Ron Burgundy… and Brian Fantana… and Brick… and Champ. Plus: Fall movie preview!

I actually played Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider 2. I thought it would be my big break, but everyone just thought I was the actual Nicolas Cage.

John Oliver reveals his best (and worst) career decisions.

In which the cast of SNL breaks character, and we all giggle along with them.

Who was Saturday Night Live's best host this season?

Oscar led us in a dance to ‘Single Ladies’ He’s very good at it. He is the Beyoncé of the group, and Angela and I are his backup dancers, and we just mimic whatever he’s doing…. We felt like we needed to have one more ‘Single Ladies before it was all over.

Jenna Fischer and Rainn Wilson offer up hints about tonight’s Office finale, as well as anecdotes from their wrap party. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry!

More SNL news: Now it looks like Fred Armisen and Jason Sudeikis are jumping ship as well.

So, who should replace Seth Meyers as the host of SNL's Weekend Update? (Hint: This guy.)

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing the most carcinogenic version of Lucille as a mama bird and Buster as a baby bird, press play and enjoy your lucky day.

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