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Another big blockbuster poster: Here’s Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel, flanked by U.S. soldiers. His wrists are bound together in handcuffs that you know he could easily snap in half. Thoughts?

Paramount has tweeted the first poster for Star Trek Into Darkness. Take note, Tumblrers — that’s a Neo-garbed Benedict Cumberbatch we see emerging unscathed from urban destruction (of his own making?) and looking out towards a futuristic metropolis.

Set phasers to “squeal.”

This week in EW: Our massive holiday movie preview will not be delayed, come hell, high water… or both, as the case may be.

Wonderful, fabulous, all good, not at all bad news? Disney has picked up a film adaptation of Judith Viorst’s classic picture book — written and directed by Lisa Cholodenko (The Kids Are All Right) and starring Steve Carell.

You’re a Movie Star, Charlie Brown!

Twentieth Century Fox Animation is working on a feature animated film based on Peanuts. It’s being written by Craig Schulz (Charles Schulz’s son), Bryan Schulz (Charles Schulz’s grandson), and Cornelius Uliano (who is not a Schulz). The as yet untitled production already has a release date, Nov. 25, 2015, which perhaps not coincidentally marks the 65th anniversary of the first Peanuts comic strip and the 50th anniversary of the beloved television special A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Good idea/bad idea?

It might seem creepy to call a movie about the making of Psycho a “love story,” but that’s how Fox Searchlight and director Sacha Gervasi are pushing Hitchcock — which stars Anthony Hopkins as the iconic director and bevy of beauties as his leading ladies.

Here’s its new poster, as well as some extra scoop about the film; think it looks better/worse/just as good as HBO’s similarly-themed The Girl?

Cool poster for a troubled movie.

Les Mis trailer! Les Mis trailer! Les Mis trailer!

This Tumbl brought to you by unrepentant Broadway geeks.

Hermione is going glam — and dabbling in grand larceny. Yes, that’s Emma Watson (center) and four costars in our first look at The Bling Ring, Sofia Coppola’s drama about the real-life, fame-obsessed thieves who allegedly stole from the homes of celebs like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and The Hills' Audrina Patridge.

What do you think of the Harry Potter star’s transformation?

Did you know that Johnny Depp is going to star in a Dr. Seuss biopic? The movie’s going to be kind of like a combination of Finding Neverland and Who Framed Roger Rabbit — Depp tells us that it will delve into the author’s imagination, letting audiences see Theodor Geisel’s creative process unfold as he interacts with his most famous characters.

In other words: That Edward Scissorhands/Lorax crossover fanfic you wrote is finally coming true.

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