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San Diego Comic-Con’s best Cosplay

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

Rebel Time Lord indeed — the Doctor is wearing Doc Martens!

Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo spills behind-the-scenes secrets about some of Olivia Pope’s best looks — including this stunning Jean Ferre gown.

Game of Thrones is launching a traveling exhibition that will show off props, costumes, and various multi-colored suits of armor from the show’s first two seasons. We’ve got five photos from the show — including this sexy shot of a Night’s Watch uniform. What’s with the dust, though? Is this the work of the White Walkers?!

Prada-designed costumes for The Great Gatsby. Swoon!

Here’s to you, Edith Head — the most-honored costume designer in Oscar history. (And the inspiration for Edna Mode ofThe Incredibles!)

Ellen DeGeneres kills it by dressing as Sofia Vergara for Halloween. Here’s video.

Frankenstorm, schmankenstorm — did you guys see that Emma Roberts dressed up as Aunt Julia for Halloween?

Want to know what your favorite TV characters are going to be for Halloween? You’re in luck — we’ve got a gallery teeming with costume-filled photos from shows like Happy Endings, Modern Family, and The Big Bang Theory, among others. One of the best ensembles: Mindy Kaling’s, above. She’s dressed as “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.”

Sexy Bert, Sexy Ernie, and 20 other questionably sexy Halloween costumes.

Warning: You can never unsee a photo of a girl dressed as Sexy Chewbacca.

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