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The move has been rumored for a few months, but this marks the first time Fox has confirmed it. Ding-dong, the choir room’s dead!

Aaaaand now the Glee crew is getting transformed into puppets. For, you know, reasons.

Like you needed another reason to want to be Kristen Wiig: She gets to sleep with Darren Criss in her next movie, Girl Most Likely. See the clip here.

Color us excited.

Hmm — looks an awful lot like Blaine might be shopping for a ring for a certain someone…

We thought two or three of you might want to know all the details of Darren Criss’s very first solo tour, which will conquer the U.S. and Canada this summer.

Guess who won our bracket game.

And so it’s come to this: a battle of America vs. England, teenagers vs. adults (slash immortal Time Lords), powerful fandom vs. powerful fandom.

Shippers, on your marks… get set… VOTE!

Be honest: How many times have you watched A Very Potter Senior Year so far?

Next week on Glee: The club’s members are transforming into comic book-style heroes! We’ve got an exclusive look at everyone’s super alter ego — including Blonde Chameleon (Sam), Dr. Y (Artie), and, er, Asian Persuasion (Tina).

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