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This one is really about de-emphasizing her name (leaving it off completely) and having young people connect with the fact that it is a real girl’s diary. This is trying to not show a depiction of Jane, but plays on the interior passion that we get from Jane’s voice. A little straightforward but visually arresting. The hanging body position with dangling legs connects the “killing” to the idea of lynching. The simplicity of the tall constructed letters on the landscape suggests the epic sweep of the book. The legs of two boys coming in from the top foreshadow the fall(s) and keeps the boys apart from everything else. The Rorschach test mark is clearly bloody and ominous. But it also speaks to the psychological issues Golding deals with in the book. The idea here comes from when Holden is in his sister’s school waiting for Phoebe he sees this obscenity written under the stairway and rubs it out, sees another and rubs it out and then comes across

Literary classics imagined as YA books. 

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Image Credit: JASON BOOHER for EW

Here’s to you, Edith Head — the most-honored costume designer in Oscar history. (And the inspiration for Edna Mode ofThe Incredibles!)

EW.com just got a lot more stylish.

Our latest channel, Style & Design, covers celebrity red carpet looks and costuming for TV, movies and more — but that’s not all. We’ll also be exploring set design on your favorite series, monster movie makeup, celebrity dude fashion, and much, much more. Come on over and check this bad boy out!

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