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Inside this week’s EW

Inside this week's EW


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TV characters who left us this year

A handy graphic from the magazine. Er… spoiler alert.

We’ve got one burning question for the 10 members of TV’s unofficial League of Eternal Outfits: Why don’t you guys ever change your clothes?

jashingirl answered: Why not all 3?

At the same time? WHAT IS THIS SORCERY

It’s decision time.

Are you going to keep watching Elton on the Emmys — or switch to AMC for Breaking Bad? (Or Dexter, maybe, if you’re into that sort of thing?)


Drop Everything and Read (EW recaps)

This week in EW: We go behind the scenes of Dexter's eighth and final season, which will take the Morgan siblings to darker places than ever before.

Let’s hope the answer is NO NO NO NO NO.

To promote the upcoming seventh season of Dexter, Showtime is rolling out a series of meme-inspired ads at Comic-Con. Which means your Thursday just got a whole lot more fun. Time for some meme-making!

Head on over to EW.com to see the rest, and to snag a blank one for yourself. If you tweet your best Dexter meme to @james_hibberd, we might feature it on the site. Or send us a link to your best creation right here on Tumblr. We’ll reblog our favorites!

"I’ve done everything the Bible says — even the stuff that contradicts the other stuff"

See a clip from ‘The Simpsons’ Halloween episode featuring Ned Flanders as… Dexter!

Waiting for season 6 of Dexter is murder, but here’s something to tide you over — a first look at an image from the first episode!

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