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Three Edgar Allen Poe heads showed up in our office today. We’re not sure which is the creepiest. 

Despite this ‘The Following’ is a good show.

We got those too! They are terrifying and reportedly hard to breathe in, though we can’t vouch for that because we were too scared to try one on.

Edgar Allen Poe has major swag.

Or rather, you can snag some swag based on Edgar Allen Poe’s work if you’re at Comic-Con this week.

To promote the upcoming debut of midseason thriller The Following — which features a serial killer obsessed with Poe’s work — Fox is giving away a shirt with “The Raven” scribbled all over it.

Head on over to EW.com to find out where you can snag it and when the show’s creators and stars will be signing autographs.

(The trailer for The Following is there, too, in case you have no idea what we’re talking about.)

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