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Awww, Penny!!

Sometimes, things just don’t twerk out.

The hunky young star of MTV’s hit has been dating his now-fiancee, Seana Gorlick, since he was 12. Do wolves mature faster than humans?

Jason’s got a lot to live up to — Olivia’s first husband was a prince. Like, a real one.


This R2D2-inspired engagement ring is gorgeous in any galaxy. Also, the guy who designed the ring was dressed up like Charlie Brown when he proposed to his girlfriend (dressed as Lucy, natch). Also, what do we have to do to get invited to this wedding?

Breaking news, guys—Kim Kardashian is going to put a ring on it. She just got engaged to New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries.

Who else is way too excited about how many tabloid covers this wedding is going to be featured on over the next six months?

Last night, at long last, Holly and Michael got engaged. (side note: !!!!!) Was the moment everything you hoped it would be? And how do you think this proposal measured up to other memorable scenes of TV characters popping the question?

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