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Inside this week's EW


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Even more behind-the-scenes Oscars photos are right over here.

SO. PUMPED. (And we’ve got character posters featuring the rest of the Lannisters, as well as a new exclusive teaser, right over here.)

Psst, Marshmallows — we’ve also got an exclusive VMars movie clip. Iiiiiit’s quippy!

The stars are out at Sundance — and we’re snapping all of them at our photobooth.


First look: Zach Braff and the cast of ‘Bullets Over Broadway' stage musical | EW

Lookin’ snazzy, right?

Okay, who else just got all tingly?

And that release date is… March 14, 2014, a year and a day after Rob Thomas announced the film’s Kickstarter on EW.com. Click through for more info, including an exclusive clip!

Want to watch your boyfriend Tom Hiddleston (as Thor’s fraternal nemesis Loki) have a frank exchange of ideas with some adorable children?

Of course you do!

"I’ve always been a great anchorman, a great flute player, a great collector of fine, leather-bound manuscripts — but lo and behold, I really can write a heck of a book. I’m not gonna lie to you: This is a very important book from an important man."

Based on the trailer alone, Let Me Off at the Top! is already our new favorite.

Aaaaand now we’ve got video.

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