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Coulson lives — some more! ABC has picked up a full season of S.H.I.E.L.D. and all its periods.

Game time! (Don’t worry, we’re not just picking on these shows — every new fall series is represented in our full poll.)

What’s your pick?

A Tintype artifact. A ménage à snake. A hellish brawl. And then there’s We Are Men’s neck tendons and Chicago Fire‘s pre-heated oven.

Which of these earned A grades in our annual Fall TV Ads gallery — and which totally missed the mark?

Think you know a lot about TV? Prove it.

This week in EW: Need a reason not to budge from your couch until December?

How about 119 of them?

Psst, Gladiators: We’ve got your Scandal season 3 promo right here.

Demi Lovato is going Glee, as she joins the cast of the Fox series now in its fifth season. She will also be joined by Spring Awakening alum Phoebe Strole.

Our amazing, alliterative TV critics Melissa Maerz and Jeff Jensen weigh in on the future of The Mindy Projectin our series, Fall TV Wish List.

That’s one way to get our attention, CBS!

Now that Upfronts are over, we can finally present this completed grid of 2013’s fall TV schedule. Click over to EW.com for the full chart — and to see trailers for all those highlighted new shows, simply by hovering your mouse over a given series title.

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