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In May 1998, Seinfeld ended.

Yada, Yada, Yada, we’re posting this Throwback Thursday photo. 

An excellent headline from the excellent Darren Franich.

Uhh, one EW staffer hated The Office's finale. Want to yell at him?

Oscar led us in a dance to ‘Single Ladies’ He’s very good at it. He is the Beyoncé of the group, and Angela and I are his backup dancers, and we just mimic whatever he’s doing…. We felt like we needed to have one more ‘Single Ladies before it was all over.

Jenna Fischer and Rainn Wilson offer up hints about tonight’s Office finale, as well as anecdotes from their wrap party. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry!

Adios, Hershel’s Boring Farm!

Oh, man — ish is going down this Sunday, when Game of Thrones airs its second season finale. Theon is having a fit of pique! (It rhymes with eek.)

More preview photos here!

Haven’t been keeping up with Desperate Housewives? Don’t worry — this minute-long video contains all you need to know before the series finale, i.e. who has died and how. Bonus points: It’s also set to “Another One Bites the Dust.”

Breaking news: Mick Jagger will host SNL’s season finale on May 19.

Which pretty much ensures that Jimmy Fallon will also appear.

Results for our Season Finale Awards are now in! Check out who won in categories including Best Overall Ending to an Otherwise Crappy Season, Worst Overall Ending to an Otherwise Solid Season, Most Welcome Exit for an Unloved Character, and Single Funniest Moment.

It was all in her hair, man. It really was. All the bad juju was in her hair and she cut it all off and everything got better. It wasn’t that she got over it all but I think she’s just grown up. Every culture has a ritual like that where you make some sort of physical change and it transforms you inside too.

Glee co-creator/executive producer Brad Falchuk dishes about—SPOILER ALERT!—Quinn’s haircut, why the New Directions lost, what got cut from the finale (attention, Will and Emma fans), and what we should expect next season.

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