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Yup — it’s by that Bill O’Reilly.

Politics is weird and creepy [and bears] only the loosest attachment to reality.

Wise words from Fox Newshound Shepard Smith.

23 years later, there are still plenty of reasons to love The Simpsons. Here’s how the show acknowledged its network’s 25th birthday.

Glenn Beck’s new online video network made its debut today. Currently, subscribers must pay $4.95 monthly; GBTV Plus, the deluxe package, will cost $9.95 after Sept. 12. Do you think people are willing to pay for Glenn Beck?

I believe this is what they call “hitting bottom.”

Now Bill O’Reilly wants to debate Jon Stewart about that whole stupid Common nontroversy. It’ll be sort of like an East Coast-West Coast-style rap battle, except without any killer beats, memorable rhymes, and also both men work in New York.

(Okay, fine, it’ll probably be entertaining.)

Last night, Jon Stewart got so sick of reporting the same old Fox News B.S. that he decided to try rapping about it instead (around the 4:20 mark):

"You’re pigeons on a statue/Leavin’ little puddles of lie behind you!"

Is Fox News pushing Glenn Beck towards the exit?

Spoiler alert: Probably not, says Jeff Labrecque.

Every few months or so, when Glenn Beck’s truly impressive ratings soften, critics of Fox’s most controversial conservative start writing and re-writing his obituary. Most recently, it’s the New York Times, which speculates that the honeymoon may finally be coming to a close when Beck’s contract expires at the end of the year. True, Beck’s shed about a million viewers per night in the past year, but it’s worth noting that he still draws a bigger audience then all his timeslot rivals — combined. Lost in the debate over whether Beck is informed, credible, (or sane?) is the undeniable fact that he’s more popular at his particular job than just about anyone else in the entertainment industry is at theirs. So the question has to be asked: Why exactly would Fox be eager to part ways with the man who draws about two million viewers every day at 5 p.m., while Chris Matthews and Wolf Blitzer are scrambling for about a third of that figure?

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